Do you know how stress affects your body? Its types and how it can managed? Stress management program is basically a technique to reduce a person’s stress level. To understand stress management we first shall know what basically stress is?  Stress is the way in which our body reacts to a certain change or challenges or any difficult situation. Stress always isn’t bad; it can either be positive or negative depending upon a person how he looks at it. Stress is known to be positive when a person due to pressure gets motivated, stays alert, take challenges positively. Due to such kind of stress a person stays on his toes and completes the work within given period of time. Stress turns out to be negative when the person feels overburden under pressure and doesn’t have time to relax. Such stress can worsen one’s condition and leads to various health related problems like troubled digestion, reduction in immunity level, problem in reproductive system and most of the times it is seen that chronic stress may lead to depression. Chronic stress is a situation where stress of high level prevails for a long period of time. Stress Management Programs helps to manage the stress and help a person to cope up well with daily schedule and pressure. The main aim of stress management is to maintain a balance between a person’s life and mental wellbeing.


Stress varies from person to person. A certain task might bring a person under lot of pressure whereas another might see it as an interesting one. A person’s perception towards life is one major factor that causes stress. A person with positive perspective might face no or very minimal stress, whereas a person with negative thought or perspective will see at every single thing as that of which increases his tensions and may pressurize him day by day. There are various reasons that cause acute or chronic stress. One major reason for stress that has been found common now a day is office pressure/work pressure. It is often seen that people who go to office are more stressed than those who work independently. Working for long hours, working under lots of pressure, completing tasks in short period of time etc. are some common reasons that increases stress levels and causes hormonal disorders. Students also are diagnosed with high levels of stress; this is due to higher expectations of parents regarding marks, teachers or any fellow mate’s continuous misbehavior, ragging etc. Families, couples, friends almost every relation and every person has stress nowadays.

The Major stress causing reasons are

  • LOSS
  • FEAR
  • CHANGE etc.

Stress can cause various and multiple health problems. Stress affects both our body and mental health. Major cause of most the diseases and health problems is found out to be Stress only. Stress can cause Anxiety, Increased headaches, Heartburns, Insomnia, increase risk of heart attack, depression, Respiration Problems, Digestion Problems, stomachache, Hypertension, High Blood Sugar or Diabetes etc. Due to stress a person might feel irritated and agitated all the time. Behavioral changes, increased aggression are some of the common symptoms seen in a person suffering from stress. If stress isn’t dealt with in time the effects can worsen and cause major health problems.

There are various stress management techniques but you can start it by taking some small steps yourself mentioned below:

First, identify the major reason or source of stress. It is important to know why a person feels stress then the only further process of management can be carried out. If the reason is for example work pressure then either the person should look at it with a different perspective like challenging yourself to complete the work to test your own capability and if none of such experiments works another alternative would be to shift your job role that would be less burdening or to shift to a job of your interest. In short, the first thing should be to try to reduce stress by changing the perspective toward that thing or to mould or change the thing according to your liking so that it won’t affect much as earlier.

Another step would be to avoid unnecessary stress causing work or factors that put you under pressure, this will help you relieve from tension and can bring some peace to your mind. Also one should cut off with toxic people for a while; this will help you stay away from unnecessary people or the ones who give negative vibes. Instead one should surround themselves with productive people, people who motivate, the ones who spread happiness and positive vibes this will help you feel good about life and yourself.

Another majorly important thing is to meditate and do yoga in the morning this will help lighten up your mood, muscles and most importantly it releases toxins from which will keep you freshen up the whole day. Waking up early in the morning keeps you active throughout the day and yoga is said to be the best therapy for each and every problem. Yoga helps one to cut off from the world for a while and helps in curing all the nervous tensions and health-related problems like respiratory, digestion problems etc. So either a person is in stress or not, both meditation and yoga must be done on regular basis.

Know yourself and your worth. Along with meditating one should introspect regularly, this helps one to know their mistakes, helps one realize their self-worth and help boost confidence. Introspecting helps us to realize what should be done and what shouldn’t, how we can improve our mistakes so that we never repeat and become a good person. Talking with yourself about what all you can do and what you did and why you shouldn’t compare yourself with others helps you to know the real you and your worth. The day a person knows what all he/she can do from that day no person can stop him/her from being or from achieving what one desires. The only obstacle in achieving something is lack of self-confidence.  Talking with yourself is one major thing to relax.

 Also indulging into new things, doing things of interest and taking up challenges allows one to explore a whole new side of oneself. When you do new things and achieve the goals you thought you would never be able to then the body releases good hormones in our body that makes us feel good and happy. The sense of achievement brings immense happiness and being happy and satisfied allows us to be more productive. Also interacting more with people on daily basis helps reduce stress level and boosts energy and makes one feel connected.

On weekends take out time for yourself and family. Do fun activities like paint, do gardening, write, go on outings or picnic with family etc. By doing this your family will feel happy, also you will feel loved as surrounding yourself with people who are close to you helps one to relax to a great extent because love and care is the best therapy in this world. Know that people will come and go the only ones who stick around you is your family.

Taking diets timely and eating healthy food helps one stay rejuvenated and hydrated ensuring the mind and body to react better to challenges. It is found that junk food is toxic for our health as it produces toxins in our body that increases stress levels. So switching to a healthy diet can do wonders because good food produces energy and good hormones whereas toxic food reduces our energy and increases problems.

All these small steps will definitely help reduce stress and will help one cope up with stress well. However if all these methods don’t help you much and you still want some expert help then various agencies like provide various stress management and relaxation packages like Panchkarma Programme, Nasyam, Thalam, Ksheera Dhara, Sirolepa etc at Ayurveda centres across India.

Stress management is not rocket science; it is not tough at all. It can be started at home also by taking small steps along with that regular visit at Ayurveda centres helps to keep our mind and body relaxed and active. Stress is self-created and not any disease or problem, it’s just the way how you look at life. Along with this starting, yourself can definitely quicken and improve the results. Just remember that nothing is impossible in this world and there is no such thing that can’t be conquered or achieved. Just know your worth and no one can stop you and nothing can stress you. And never ever compare yourself with others because every person has a different life, every person is not alike and not everyone can do everything, so comparing doesn’t help in any sense instead it decreases your confidence so just admire yourself and let others do what they are and focus on yourself.  Believe in yourself and have faith, everything happens to teach us certain lessons and to make us strong. Life is not bad at all, all you need to do is change your perspective and life will definitely seem less harsh and more beautiful.



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